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Hey everyone. You may have noticed that I’m not posting much anymore. Well, it’s because I’ve started a new project. I’ve decided to abandon Childish Childish Gambino in favor of my new blog, Waka Waka Waka Flocka.

I’ll be taking pictures of Fozzie Bear and putting Waka Flocka’s lyrics over them.

You can find the new blog over here.

Thanks for following.

Anonymous asked: I'm no good at making pictures and such but.. might I suggest a picture of Gonzo with "Yes I stay weird and fuck chicks like I'm Gonzo"?

Actually, it’s already been done!

maaaarrriio asked: is this the real childish gambino

No. Well, I’m kind of like the real Childish Gambino, but without the good looks, charisma, or talent. Or penis.

The real CG can be found here.